AGBU Plovdiv

Armenian General Benevolent Union

Month: June 2014

Erebuni Band

Plovdiv. Armenian Cultural Centre: 14 06.2014 Presentation of the new album of the VIS “Erebuni” of AGBU  Plovdiv Chapter “The Song of the Phoenix”

Memorable and exciting for the audience that filled the Armenian cultural center in the rainy Saturday, was the presentation of “The Song of the Phoenix” – the new album, sponsored by the President of  AGBU Chapter Plovdiv Roupen Chavoushian and…

Saturday School

For the first “Andersen’s fairy tales” were heard in Armenian

On June 15 this year at the Armenian Cultural Centre in Plovdiv a glamorous celebration of the closing of the school year for Armenian Saturday school of “AGBU” Plovdiv took place. The program was result of weeks of hard training,…

Saturday School

AGBU Plovdiv CHAPTER  Invites You to a Performance

Theatre group “Malvina Manukyan” will present at long months prepared performance of the “Andersen’s fairy tales” at the Armenian language Will also participate the children dance group and students of Armenian Saturday school to AGBU Plovdiv. Welcome on June 15,…