AGBU Plovdiv

Armenian General Benevolent Union

Year: 2016

Anniversary concert of “Erebuni” group

After the successful show of the band in Komotini, Greece in February, in Dobrich in April and in Shumen in May, on June 11 this year in the hall of House of Peoples Army in Plovdiv was held a gala…


On April 16 2016, at the Armenian Cultural Centre the Youth Club organized a soiree for their peers and their parents. Their aim was to attract more young people to share their ideas. A week ago, representatives of the Club…

Erebuni Band

An unforgettable concert of “Erebuni” group in Dobrich

On 16 April this year Vocal-instrumental group “Erebuni” to AGBU Plovdiv chapter visited Dobrich town. The event was hosted by Association “Armenian community – Dobrich”, AGBU – Dobrich chapter, church board to church “Surp Hovhannes” – Dobrich, with the assistance…

Saturday School

The Armenian Virtual College is not just a textbook

From November 2015 the children who study Armenian language to Saturday school of “AGBU” Plovdiv Chapter launched a new curriculum – Armenian Virtual College (AVC). It is designed in a fun and interactive way to prepare children spoken and written…

Saturday School

Armenian Virtual College tells of St. Vartan

On February 4, 2016 at 10.30 am. In the Club of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter gathered students who study the Armenian language at the Saturday school. The occasion was the celebration of Vartanants. Since the end of 2015, the children who…


Annual scholarships of AGBU were awarded

At the office of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter were awarded the annual scholarships of AGBU. In the presence of members of the leadership of Plovdiv, the Charity Union President – Mr. Rupen Chavshyan presented educational programs of the Union in Armenia…

Dance Groups

A Youth Club was founded to AGBU Plovdiv Chapter

On 9.01.2016, by decision of the leadership of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter (from December 2015) was established a Youth club of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter on the initiative of Mrs. Araksi Magardichyan – honorary member of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter. At the first…

AGBU Voice Newspaper

2015: Three Honorary members of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter

Last year two active and longstanding members of AGBU were awarded the title “Honorary member of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter – Araks Magardichyan on the occasion of her 70th anniversary and Garo Ahchiyan – on the occasion of his 75th anniversary….

Saturday School

Gus on the Go: AGBU Plovdiv Chapter gifted the children an APP in Armenian

On January 9, 2016, in the first minute of the classes in Armenian language, the leadership of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter delivers the promised before New Year to give to AGBU Saturday School’s children gift – the APP Gus on the…