Student’s Eve 2012

Wonderful atmosphere, dances and joy during the Traditional, 17th Student’s Eve of “Young professionals” of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter

On 15 th of December 2012 in the eve of Christian holidays for serial time “Young professionals” of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter organized a celebration on the occasion of the academic community in Bulgaria – 8-th of December. On this day in Armenian Cultural Hall, organizators: Nora Radoslavova nad Haik Garabedian – co chairs of “Young professionals” with the help of Araksi Magardichian, Lilit Shahinian, Nora Kujumdjian and DJ Garo Shirinian prepared and decorated the hall on a Christmas theme and the festive table was uniquely beautiful and plentiful. It was done by Woman’s Club of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter, who every year surprised the students with their culinary skills, arranged in beautiful trays and as well as “Solaris”company who was involved in preparing some of the dishes which was completed the splendid table.

At 19 o‘clock was announced the beginning. There was a salutation by Vice Chair of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter – Arakel Kaprielian. The word was given to Eduard Arsenian, one of the founders of the organization in Plovdiv. It was great honor for all the students  the participation of Christian vicar of Armenians in Bulgaria Abgar Ovakimian and the Christian father of Armenians in Plovdiv Kevork Hacherian. They blessed the table and addressed touching messages to Student community. They took a picture together and the program continues with the performance of  ” Compact Voices” and the young singer from the pop studio of AGBU Verjinia Vicheva.


Dancing ensemble “Nairi” with art director Emma Shahinian, scholar of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter, arrived especially for the event from Sofia to participate in the program. There were more than 60 young Armenians on the Student’s Eve. Infected by the emotion of holiday DJ Garo and  Nora Kujumdjian tirelessly till the early hours of the next day presented the program to the youngsters, who rejoiced and took part in many dances, games and raffle, cadril, classes of Armenian dances and everything was overflowing abundance.

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