Sharing experiences and networking is the foundation of success

First initiative of the newly elected YP Plovdiv Core Committee

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

On February 27, 2013, AGBU Plovdiv Young Professionals held a business cocktail reception at the ASK Academy Schwarzkopf Professional in Plovdiv.  Over 50 guests RSVPd and attended the networking event. Among them were representatives of the emblematic native Armenian companies: AGI -1, GARO-M, Inspres Ltd., Tirlin AD, Star nails, INTERCOMPLEX, restaurant ARMENIAN House, Ascot Rubber Ltd., etc. Among the prominent guests was Dr. Garabed Tomasyan—former mayor of the city of Plovdiv.
One of the main goals of the event was to serve as an opportunity for young Armenians in the community to meet and greet fellow Armenians with a considerable professional experiences and success in their fields, as well as receive guidance from them. The cocktail served as an impromptu mentoring night experience and for encouraging the new committee members in their future projects.

Video wall projected slides with information about the AGBU Young Professionals in Plovdiv, as well as the projects the YPs carry through around the world.

There was a brief exposé of the AGBU Summer Intern Programs that allow for a unique professional development, intercultural exchange and social networking.

Official guest of the event was Dr. Dimitar Shishkov – one of the leading urologists in the country, as well as the local coordinator of ‘Bulgaria for Citizens’ political party, whose professional path and public awareness in short was presented by Haik Garabedian, co-chair of YP Plovdiv.



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