Cultural Marathon

On 19th of May this year at the Armenian Cultural House in Plovdiv, a croup-sized cultural event was held. In the celebration day for the Armenian Apostolic Church Day Hokekalust”, Young Professionals (YP)-AGBU Plovdiv gathered in one place – in our culture house, a ‘bunch’ of Armenian talents.

According to the citizens of Plovdiv, this event was an exciting celebration, which was framed by the Bazaar of the Armenian book. It started at 10 a.m. under the beats of traditional Armenian music. At the hall of the Armenian cultural center, there were book shelves with stands Armenian books. With every book purchased, the guests received a gift – one more of the titles which were editions of AGBU.
While, visitors were looking through the exhibited titles which were more than 20, on an interactive screen Armenian music videos and short films were projected, related to the sights of Armenia. Containing its customs and its culinary skills with which the country is famous for around the world.

The program was attended by the writer and vice president of the Burgas branch – Garo Ahchiyan, specially participating in the celebration with his book “Five days, six nights until … ‘; the singer Mary Movsesyan-Kaludova also from Burgas; the dramatic soprano and director of the choir at church” Surp Hach “Burgas”; Plovdiv audience’s favorite children theatrical group “Malvina Manukyan” with director Varta Marukyan, presenting the wise proverb “The Fool” narrated by Ovanes Tumanyan. The present in the hall shared:
“For the first time I haveve seen such a thing,” was the common verdict of the guests.
Some of them were representatives of the writers’ guild in Plovdiv. The oldest poetess in Plovdiv, Elena Derimanova – member of the Writers’ Association, welcomed the cultural initiative of AGBU – Plovdiv with an Armenian poem.
Elena Tamamdzhieva, vice chairman of the Writers Union of Plovdiv, a member of the editorial board of the newspaper “Parekordzagani Tsayn” (AGBU Voice) and of the Union of the Bulgarian Journalists, announced a poetry book of the honorary president of the Benevolent Union, Agop Daydzhanyan, which is in print and is to be issued in a month time from AGBU- Plovdiv.

Additionally, she read two of his poems, included in his book of poetry. Copyright recital following his own satirical poems were presented by Kalin Kalinov – a poet from the town of Asenovgrad, known for his writing skills and artistic presence.
The final result was a poetic dialogue between artists from Plovdiv, united by the same cultural and spiritual values ​​and descendants of nations with similar historical fate.
Official guests at the event were His Reverence Archimandrite Abgar Ovakimyan, bishop vicar of Bulgaria, the vice-chairman of the Church commitee of “Surp Kevork” – Plovdiv, engineer Apraham Sarksiyanl, Mr. Rupen Chavushyan – chairman of AGBU – Plovdiv, YP Plovdiv Chapter’ s committee, AGBU Voice newspaper (Parekordzagani Tsayn) staff, members of AGBU, supporters and guests.

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