The AGBU program Musical Armenia 2013 took place in Armenia for second year

On 14 July this year from Plovdiv to Armenia went three young people who participated in the program AGBU Musical Armenia 2013 . Anahid Tateosyan – harp, viola Agop Tateosyan and Elise Gagosyan opera singing, presented for the first time AGBU Plovdiv.


About their impressions tells Annie Tateosyan and begins her story with a smile and the first thing she said was: “Do not travel with Alitalia”.
We were in touch with the problems that the company created to these young people who first journeyed to Armenia and threatened their participation in the program. Despite their assurances that the return will not be a problem, they again faced with trials that were not marred their great experiences in Armenia.
What is Yerevan like? – Pink, I loved it. The buildings are beautiful and give a look of its own capital. The very feeling that is there is warm. Not only because of the heat, the people are warm. And there is uniquely delicious food.
Training: “Was it useful for you?” – Personally for me it was very useful. My teacher is Professor and played in the orchestra of filharmoniyata . Every day we practiced and she showed me the highlights in Armenian music . I studied Armenian dance harp. Not only my professor Joan Hovanesyan , but everyone else was very good.
The program has a future and we still want to go . The organizers did very well and took care of us. We are grateful to AGBU for this opportunity to be in Armenia to participate in the music program.

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