AGBU’s Scholars motivated by the mission of the organization

On the 3rd of January in the AGBU Club in Plovdiv 7 of the 12 scholars attended a meeting with the chairman Roupen Chavoushian.

IMG_4062In the first days of the new year the new scholarships were allocated, they were chosen carefully by the educational department in New York. The 7 students with Armenian heritage met with well known member Araxi Magardichyan, creator of the Student Evening(1995), which has become a tradition ever since and also The Lady’s Club, part of AGBU Plovdvi since 1998, and with Hripsime Erniasyan – member of AGBU Plovdiv’s leadership  and managing editor of AGBU Voice.

Mrs. Erniasyan told about the activities of the chapter during in past year, about the student and youth programs of AGBU, encouraging them to participate. She also spoke about the 6th  participants in these programs during 2013, two of which took place in Armenia (Musical Armenia and Youth Forum of the Ministry of Diaspora) and GORIZ – 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The chairman of AGBU Mr. Chavoushyan strongly focused on the activities of the young people in Plovdiv and the associated chapters. He spoke about the major events this past year and what lies ahead in 2014. He also highlighted the importance of communication and connection between young people and the board and encouraged the students to find ways of attracting more young people even if not as members of the organization.

Collective photo stamped this moment.

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