AGBU PLOVDIV Once Again Champions At the 20th Euro-Armenian Games in Barcelona, Spain

At the twentieth European Armenian Games 2014 in Barcelona, Spain the soccer team of AGBU-Plovdiv won the gold cup in the discipline indoors soccer (futsal).

The competition started on April 19, 2014 and the matches were played in the sports complex CEM MARBELLA, where the 1992 Olympics took place.

This great event was organized ACAB (Armenian Cultural Association of Barcelona).


The champion team of Plovdiv consisted of the following palyers: Haik Garabedian (captain), Zarko Gogov (Demerjibashina) Garo Kumruyan Ivan Kopchev (Daredzhan), Petar Stankov and Ivan Stoilov.

Despite the numerical superiority of the other nineteen teams from all over Europe that had two or three reserves changes at all times, our guys were on a winning streak beating everybody that stood on their way.

The Plovdiv team played in just two days a total of six matches and marked five wins and one lost only game in the very last minute.

The players demonstrated a remarkable stamina. In such a challenge within only two days, emotionally and physically, there comes a point where even well prepared, greatly trained, athletic, skillful the most important remains the strong will, high sportsmanship and how big your heart is, “remarked the team captain Haik Garabedian.

The only representatives of AGBU Europe were the teams from Paris, France and Plovdiv, Bulgaria, which played in the final match of the tournament.

The temptation to face the champion of the European Armenian Games, which were held in 2012 in Sofia should be well padded with excellent sports form and motivation to win. Plovdiv certainly had showed one, and categorically showed beat all rivals in this discipline.

At the final match there were almost no rough plays, high degree of sportsmanship and the audience enjoyed an intelligent, beautiful and a correct field attitude. The match ended in a draw and penalty shootout followed, the third of which was detrimental for the losing French team.

The Plovdiv players who wear the shirts of AGBU-Bulgaria had only cause, “sportsmanship and victory.” The team proved again grabbed the cup after victory in Sofia in 2012.

A large credit for the unity and high level of teamwork that brought the cup to Plovdiv deserves the captain who managed to motivate and to inspire the team to a landslide victory.

The teamattackedanddefendedtogether. Attacks overflowed from defense to attack, and again in defense. The pitch was played literate soccer including all fundamentals of the game such as one-touch passes, double passes, correct positioning, serious movement without the ball and a predatory instinct in front of the goal.

After awarding the gold medal and the cup, our champions were at the center organized a gala dinner. For the good of the mood of the participants and guests special care took live performing artists from Armenia.

Tradition, which for the twentieth time gather young Armenians from around Europe and the face of sports pitches, has a purpose. It keeps and builds Armenian heritage through such youth events which open new horizons for the healing of the Armenian youth climate.


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