Plovdiv. Armenian Cultural Centre: 14 06.2014 Presentation of the new album of the VIS “Erebuni” of AGBU  Plovdiv Chapter “The Song of the Phoenix”

Memorable and exciting for the audience that filled the Armenian cultural center in the rainy Saturday, was the presentation of “The Song of the Phoenix” – the new album, sponsored by the President of  AGBU Chapter Plovdiv Roupen Chavoushian and with personal funds.


Emcee and lead singer of the band Elise Gagosyan shared great joy of the composition, the fact that the new album is ready. Besides the enormous work of instrumentalists and singers to see the light of day this disc needed a man with a big heart to give us a hand to encourage and help us. This man is the President of AGBU Chapter Plovdiv Roupen Chavoushian. The initiative of Mr. Chavoushian to fund discs with personal funds, to promote the Armenian songs began with the release of the album “Love” by Mary Movsesyan-Kaludova of Burgas. From sales of this CD were made possible issues of new CD with songs from Vocal Instrumental Ensemble “Erebuni.” From the sale of this CD will depend the next issue, which will be proposed. Group “Erebuni” warmly thanked Mr. Chavoushian!
“The Greeks believed that the phoenix lived in Arabia, near a cool spring. Every morning at the crack of dawn she bathes in the fountain and sang so beautifully that Apollo, captivated by her voice, stops his chariot to enjoy her song. We called our new album “The Song of the Phoenix.” Linking our association with the mythical fire bird and symbol of immortality, life after death, triumph over disasters of fire and life, new beginning, the Divine and Love “-headline story, Elise Gagosyan.
The band played songs that are included in the new CD. Also presenting new Soloists: Daniela Derderyan-Stefopulos and Elise Gagosyan.
In the repertoire of the group one song always has accompanied our concert performances and is present in every CD. It is emotionally connected to Tomas Tumayan who is no longer among us. Sung as duets are very popular and iconic songs. In our new disk are selected 14 new songs, but “Yerevan Erebuni” and “Hai achker” will always be between them.


Soloists: Taki Melkonian, Simon Pachadzhyan Daniela Derderyan-Stefopolus, Elise and Harry Gagosyan Shishmanyan
Band members: Arda Erniasyan – lead guitar and bouzouki, head of Vocal Instrumental Ensemble “Erebuni”, Plamen Manafski – lead guitar, Annie Gelgelyan – keyboards, Roupen Topchiyan – bass guitar, Mihran Bazduikyan – drums and Agop Karaohluyan – percussion.
More info in issue 136 of the newspaper “AGBU Voice” in Armenian information site “Gantheh Araradyan”.

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