2015: Three Honorary members of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter

Last year two active and longstanding members of AGBU were awarded the title “Honorary member of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter – Araks Magardichyan on the occasion of her 70th anniversary and Garo Ahchiyan – on the occasion of his 75th anniversary 정음 메모 패드 다운로드. The third honorary membership was awarded to Agop Ormandzhiyan on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAraks Magardichyan is among the 12 founders of the restored in 1991 a chapter of AGBU in Plovdiv ie a 태그 이미지. For many years, she has been in the leadership of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter. Creator of Student night those 20 years is held under the auspices of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter 시냅스 x 다운로드. Creator of the Ladies club in which 12 years women members and supporters of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter work in support of the charitable causes of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter and Youth Club which was founded in 2016, January 달콤한 인생 다운로드.

Garo_Ah4ian2Garo Ahchiyan is a founding member of AGBU Bourgas Chapter and its longtime deputy Chairman 다운로드. Over the past 12 years, he was a member of the church board of the Armenian Church in Burgas. For his great contribution to the cultural and social life of the city of Burgas is rewarded with the biggest prize of the city “Key Tower” served him personally by the Mayor in 2015 뉴슈마.


Agop OrmanjianAgop Ormandzhiyan is an established Armenian translator and journalist 구주표묘록. Member of the editorial board of newspaper AGBU Voice from its creation until today. He is a respected teacher in Armenian in Sofia University, Department of Armenian and Kavkazology 다운로드. Bulgarian publishers and AGBU Plovdiv Chapter issue more than 12 his translations of Armenian books in Bulgarian.


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