PUBLISHING 1999-2012

AGBU Plovdiv Chapter has been supporting book publications since 1996.


AGBU Plovdiv Chapter has a long publishing history. Currently the chapter publishes its bimonthly newspaper “AGBU Voice”. Through the years, however, it has published a number of books and has organized their presentations all over the country.


The newspaper “AGBU Voice” delivers and presents the reader with essential information on AGBU activities–both local and international, as well as past and present.  It introduces its subscribers to famous and nationally important personalities and outlines the social life of modern society inArmenia. There are sports, cuisine, literature and acquaintances sections. There is a special youth page which is solely prepared and presented by the youth of AGBU Plovdiv and its associated chapters—that gives way to everyone to unleash and develop their journalism skills.

AGBU Plovdiv Chapter has been supporting book publications since 1999.

The latest book published by AGBU Plovdiv Chapter is “Two close people, two distant neighbor” by Hrant Dink – 2011

Other books published with the sponsorship of AGBU Plovdiv are:


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