Spiritual values ​​and national memory stored in relics

On June 22 this year in Kardzhali was opened an exhibition dedicated to the Armenian traditions and way of life from the beginning and the first half of the 20th century.

The opening ceremony was attended by Minister of Culture Dr. Petar Stojanovic and Deputy Ministers of Culture Velislava Kristeva and Vassil Vassilev, Elizabeth Kehayova, Deputy. – Mayor of Kardzhali, MPs, councilors, many citizens. The exhibition, located at the “Circle” Art Gallery, included a number of items from the life of the Armenians decades ago.

“It all started with a perfectly preserved bridal dress” – say Radost Nikolaeva and Galina Dimova from Art Gallery “Circle” in Kardzhali. The dress was tailored for the engagement of Azaduhi Enicheryan in 1942. For a short time in their gallery arrive materials, enough for a whole exhibition. Timely and valuable assistance gave Rupen Chavushyan, chairman of the AGBU Plovdiv Chapter, our compatriots of Haskovo and Dobrich. Agop Uzunbohosyan, director of the Astronomical Observatory in Kardzhali and leader of the Armenian community in the city is responsible for the event. He coordinated the idea with AGBU Plovdiv and the  Benevolent Union attracted Armenians from different cities – Plovdiv, Haskovo and Dobrich to do everything possible to collect various exhibits.

“With Hripsime Erniasyan from AGBU Plovdiv, we managed to arrange everything in a common conceptual framework – so that the objects can tell their story” – says Galina Dimova.

Plenty of handmade embroidery, laces, boxes, tablecloths, scarves, embroidered with gold and silk and love. This had needlework of Hripsime Sangaryan from Plovdiv, whose family roots are Malgara, of Mannik Marukyan from Plovdiv, born in 1919 in Hai kyuh – Bavdarma, the oldest exhibit – an engagement ring with a pearl necklace from 1898, belonged of Tyurfina Krikor Pechoyan born in Rhodes. Color photographs gave details of old traditional Armenian wedding decorations and costumes. Fine silver crosses, priestly cloak, liturgical books in silver plating and other church items added to the atmosphere in the room.

The group from Plovdiv included Virginia Garabedian, president of the Education Committee of AGBU Plovdiv, Varta Manukyan – assistant of the newspaper AGBU Voice and Head of Children’s theater group to AGB” Plovdiv and director at BNT-2, Elena Tamamdzhieva, assistant to the newspaper AGBU Voic”,  member of UBW(Union of Bulgarian Writers).