More perfect structure of AGBU in Bulgaria

On 16 August 2013, in the town of Bourgas was held a Conference of AGBU . It consisted of Plovdiv and Burgas chapters and its associated chapters of the cities of Haskovo , Sliven , Dobrich, Ruse, Silistra and Yambol .
The meeting was attended by Rupen Chavushyan – Plovdiv, Agop Movsesyan –  Bourgas , Edward Kokonyan from Dobrich , Dr. Bohos Garzharyan from Ruse , Verka Tomasyan – Haskovo , Sonia Arshavir from Yambol , Garo Ahchiyan , Vice President of Bourgas chapter Hripsime Erniasyan member of the leadership of the Plovdiv chapter. For respectful reasons, Arshavir Huliyan , president of the Sliven chapter and Magardich Kalustyan president of Silistra chapter were absent.IMG_1663
The creation of the Council was held in the library of the Armenian House with the following agenda items :
1. Establishment of the Conference on Armenian General Benevolent Union AGBU in Bulgaria
2 . Adopting rules ( Regulation)
3 . Suggestions for events related to the 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide
4 . Various
With introductory words about the place of each chapter and its contribution to community life , started the President of AGBU Plovdiv chapter Rupen Chavushyan . He pointed out that the newly formed Conference of AGBU in Bulgaria gives more freedom and voice of chairs in different cities when making important decisions in the Benevolent Union and continued that the Regulation Council works under the technical guidance of the Armenian General Benevolent Union AGBU based in New York City , USA.
To optimize their work, the Council of Presidents of AGBU in Bulgaria elects its Chairman and Vice-Chairman / s. Mr. Chavushyan was elected as Chairman and Surpuhi Derandonian was elected Vice-Chairman for mandate of two years.

After that the meeting focused on the events for the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

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