Different ethnicities in Bread House

On August 28 this year Armenian community participated in an event organized by the Red Cross in Plovdiv named Baking Houses. Armenian proverbs about bread were read by Elena Tamamdzhieva, a member of the editorial board of the newspaper “AGBU Voice.” To make yummy Armenian bread came Sirui Altunyan, Alvard Badvaganyan and Hripsime Erniasyan. The surprise which the Armenian ethnicity brought was Lavash, whick was served with freshly baked in a nearby Armenian restaurant shashlik.

All activities of Bread houses are organized by people who believe in its mission, which creates space in the comfort of the fire and the smell of warm bread. Different people, friends and strangers, young and old converge, support and enrich each other.
Innovative and competitive bread was made by members of Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Jewish and Turkish ethnicity. All learned about certain traditions of the three ethnic groups, how do you say bread in Turkish, Jewish and Armenian language, what is “prosfor”  in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and how to use it on the bread. One could have heard Bulgarian, Armenian, Jewish and Turkish speech. The wonderful conditions for the event were provided by Red Cross Plovdiv and miss Panova.