Armenian spiritual values and national memory , stored in the relics

On August 17 , the third day of the IV -th festival “Days of Armenian culture and traditions ” – Burgas’13 with organizer – the Association ” United Armenians ” and president Levon Manukyan was dedicated to a wonderful exhibition titled “Armenian spiritual values ​​and national memory , stored in the relics . ” Initiative of ” AGBU ” – Plovdiv to create such an exhibition in cooperation with the Armenians from Bulgaria (from Burgas Mrs. Azniv Sarkisian and Azniv Pyuzantyan , Haskovo ” AGBU ” and CB at ” Surp Stepannos ” of Dobrich ” ABGU and CB at” Surp Hovhannes ” of Plovdiv ” AGBU ” CB at” Surp Kevork ” from the personal archive of a few families from Plovdiv ) is a really great initiative. Exposure has collected priceless objects from the late 19th and early 20th century, preserved not only everyday life, but the spirit, the love and the faith of the Armenians . They are woven into the handmade lace, in artifacts made of metal, in embroidered fabrics in everyday objects and religious cults. Beauty, which is imperishable and to be transmitted through the ages – that’s the point of this exhibition. A great start already set and the idea of the organizers of the charity Union in Plovdiv in time that exposure will be multiplied and enriched to inspire generations behind.