On 4 Decembe 2014, Snejana Todorova, Chairman of WS Acting and Secretary General of the Union of Bulgarian journalists visited Plovdiv. The occasion was the 10th anniversary of the newspaper AGBU Voice. She handed managing editor Hripsime Erniasyan Plaque of Union of Bulgarian Journalists and congratulated the editorial team for its anniversary. On behalf of the “East European Educational Center” college a diploma was awarded by Georgi Naydenov, chairman of Plovdiv journalistic company “Europress” and president of the “Help the Needy”.

Armenian newspaper “AGBU Voice” printed in Plovdiv enters its second decade.
Media endurance today is due to the flexible newsprint policy. But one ethnic newspaper as a newspaper AGBU Voice policy is absent from its pages, and in the world that is rapidly globalizing and haughtily crossed all publications, to become a favorite paper reading is mildly impossible.
In this regard, the newspaper AGBU Voice is a pleasant surprise and joyful occasion for stocktaking of the editorial team, headed by its editor Hripsime Erniasyan.
Past 10 years journalistic lesson that is not repeated in time. It is like an anvil that forges on a reporter team persistence, perseverance, integrity and strength to do something with the same perseverance, whatever started …


Image: Evelina Zdravkova, journalist, George Naydenov, Chairman of “Europress”, Apraham Sarkisyan, member of Armenian Church Board, father Hrach Muradyan, Snejana Todorova, Chairman of the Union of Bulgarian journalists, Berge Djanikyan, Chairman of Armenian church Board, Boris Grigorov, Chairman of the Association “United Bulgarians for Sustainable World”, Roupen Chavoushian, Chairman of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter, Hripsime Erniasyan, managing editor of newspaper AGBU Voice and Hurshan Eminova, member of Plovdiv Union of jurnalist “Europress”.