AGBU announced the scholarship nominees from Plovdiv, Yambol and Haskovo

AGBU announced the scholarship nominees from Plovdiv, Yambol and Haskovo

On December 18th, Sunday, 2022, AGBU Plovdiv scholarship holders and young people gathered in the hall of the Armenian Cultural House in Plovdiv.

Photo of all present youth, scholarship holders and AGBU Board member

On the eve of the upcoming New Year holidays, AGBU delighted its youth by announcing the AGBU scholarship nominees. This year they were from the city of Plovdiv, Yambol and the city of Haskovo.

Hripsime Nourikian, Chair of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter with Alexa from Haskovo

The online application process starts every year in February and ends on May 30th. Students prepare the required documents and upload them to

There follows a two-month period in which they are considered by the relevant AGBU committee in New York, according to the category – international candidate, performing arts candidate or in religious studies candidate.

Then letters are sent personally from the headquarters in New York to the approved candidates, with the indicated amount of the awarded annual scholarship. The honor of awarding the scholarships goes to the AGBU branch closest to the candidate.

An important principle for the candidate to be approved is the requirement that he/she has a GPA above 4.50, it is also taken into account if he/she has a recommendation from an AGBU branch and activity in the local Armenian community.

Photo of some of the young people and scholarship holders present

On Sunday, December 18th, in the festive atmosphere of the Armenian Cultural House, Hripsime Nourikian, the chairperson of AGBU Plovdiv, presented the scholarships to the young people Rafi, Alexa, Stella, Irina Andre, Erika, Garo and Alec. Two of the scholarship holders were absent due to unforeseen circumstances.
The members of the chapter chair committee of AGBU Plovdiv were also present.

Hripsime Nourikian talks about the AGBU Programs

Hripsime Nourikian spoke about the priorities of AGBU regarding education and career development for young people. Her personal experience during her years as part of the AGBU team in New York and her personal contribution to the AGBU Fellowship Program was a fascinating first-person account of what has been achieved, and what AGBU wants to build on with its new goals, namely: Leadership Programs, Music Program in Armenia, Young Professionals, FOCUS, etc. She emphasized that the only branch from Bulgaria that has participated in the international programs of AGBU with a significant activity is the Plovdiv chapter.

Hripsime Nourikian, Chair of AGBU Plovdiv Chapter with Stella from Yambol

Each of the scholarship recipients introduced themselves and shared their goals.

Their short personal presentation was important for the young people in the hall who are about to continue their education in higher education institutions; to know that the organization behind them will continue to support them and one day they will be the next generation of young people with drive and desire to contribute.

After the official part, there was a fun part prepared, where the young people of AGBU Plovdiv themselves hosted the scholarship presentation.