The Chairman of AGBU Plovdiv Mr. Rupen Chavushyan Awarded With A Honorary Sign

Mr. Rupen Chavushyan Awarded With A Honorary Sign From The Mayor Of The Area “Central” – Plovdiv




The mayor of the Region “Central” in Plovdiv Mrs. Raina Petrova awarded the honorary sign to the chairman of “AGBU” Plovdiv, Rupen Chavushyan on the occasion of his 60th birthday. This award is an expression of the appreciation for the management of thePlovdiv region “Central” realized the importance of Mr. Chavushyan many cultural and social benefits for the Armenian community and compatriots and fellow citizens ofPlovdiv. As a chairman of the Armenian General Benevolent Union “AGBU”Plovdiv branch and a member of the European structure he worked for more than 20 years in his hometown and through educational, cultural and publishing projects, continues the most valuable traditions of the community.

Through his work on behalf of the young, R. Chavushyan helps to promote the new European standards in education: he furnished a class training center at the Professional Schools of Fashion  inPlovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo andRusewith the latest specialized hairdressing equipment of the highest class. Additionally, he assists another 11 classes of professional hairdressing schools inBulgaria, where he rpovides free training four times a year with local and visiting lecturers fromEurope. Also, Mr. Chavushyan financed and organized inPlovdivthree inter-school competitions (2004, 2005, 2006), of the hairdressing professional schools inBulgaria. Since 2009, he is a sponsor of hairdressing competitions organized by the National Ministry of Education and Science.

Moreover, he sponsored a number of cultural initiatives for young people, which is an expression of his sense of social responsibility. Also, AGBU-Plovdiv chairman supported with his personal funds many events, subjects to the preservation and promotion of the Armenian culture: he funded performances of Armenian dance, pop and theater groups.

In addition, R. Chavushyan initiated several activities and public events keeping the Armenian spirit and consciousness alive, as well as, joint artistic and sporting events with some Bulgarian organizations in Bulgaria. He is a man with a keen interests in public expression, creative thinking and personality, a figure that attracts and is well-recognized by society.

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